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Chateaux-France.com : Steps for the story of one of the first French Web site to Castelli di Francia (IT vers.)

- 1995 December: birth of the project "Tout sur les Chateaux - Discover French Chateaux -Chateaux-France", initiated by Guillaume de Castet : Chateaux-France.com is one of the fist french Web sites.

- Ending of year 2002 : a partenarship with Fédération Nationale des Routes Historiques (Historic Tours in France).

- 2003 June: a partenarship with le Centre des Monuments Nationaux (about 34 chateaux belonging to the French State).

- 2003 September: Chateaux-France.com launches its Web site very dedicated to Paris Intra-Muros.

- 2004 August: new version of the web sites and new sites in Dutch and German : Frankrijk-Kastelen.com and Schlosser-Frankreich.com.
New logo for all our sites. More than 1100 places are listed in our sites.

- 2005 Febuary: Web site Chateaux-Mariages.com is launched. This new site presents more than 4'500 places receptions, events and wedding everywhere in France, in English and French version.

- 2005 March : French and italian paper guides "Séjours aux châteaux" and "Castelli di Francia", published by Italian publisher Gremese.
Guides are sold in libraries in Italia and France.

- 2007 spring : Chinese site chateaux-france.cn and Japonse site www.chateauxfrance.jp are launched.

- New Internet version with new functionalities... Comming soon !

- 2008 April : Exclusiv Chain Chateaux-France has been launched

Leading independant French chateaux' chain grouping hotels and guest hosts in luxury castles.


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